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New Releases in Books
Vse [Everything]
Aleksander Vvedensky
The book which was prepared by Anna Gerasimova practically includes the complete collection of Vvedensky’s «adult» works. It includes biographical materials, correspondence, reminiscences of the poet, all published in its appendix.  more...

Portret neznakomtsa [A Portrait of an Unknown Man]
Boris Vakhtin
The book offers artistic prose and journalism by Boris Vakhtin. He was an outstanding figure of the cultural and literary life of Leningrad in the 1960s and 1970s. Together with V. Maramzin, I. Efimov, V. Gubin and S. Dovlatov he established the literary group «Gorozhane» (Urbanists). His story «Dublyonka» (The sheepskin coat) became part of the anthology «MetrOpol» (1979).  more...

Krugi po vode [Circles on the Water]
Natalia Gorbanevskaya
The book «Circles on the Water» comprises a collection of poems of the second half of the 2000s. more...

Literaturnaia matritsa : Uchebnik, napisannyi pisateliami : V 2 tomakh [A Literary Matrix. A Manual Written by Writers. In 2 Volumes.]

In this collection modern writers and poets reflect on Russian classics whose works are part of the school programme in literature. more...

Matematik [The Mathematician]
Aleksandr Ilichevsky
The hero of the novel is Maksim Pokrovski, a talented mathematician and professor at the Princeton University. As a result of many years of work he obtained the Fields Medal, but he understood that he had reached a top that he did not need. He started drinking, abandoned his family and his teaching job at the university and set out to search for the lost senses. He went to San Francisco, White Russia, South Russia... But only on the slopes of a mountain peak of Tien-Shan he managed to understand what constantly slipped away in figures and formulas. more...

Chetyre teksta iz Bol'shoi kartoteki : Stikhi : V 4 tomakh [Four Texts from the Big Card File. Poems. In 4 Volumes]
Lev Rubinshtein
«…After Tynyanov we know the role which the conception of the «literary way of life» plays in the history of art and literature. It is a system of private relationships, the common way of spending time, which absolutely cannot be ignored. This has an influence on the aesthetics and the motivation of the expression; it is that place where texts exist, where they are created and exist. This is why in my time I created an aesthetics which is not based on the principles of writing, but on the principles of its existence. Well, this is where the index cards come from.» more...

Drugoe kino : Stat'i po istorii otechestvennogo kino pervoi treti XX veka [A Different Cinema: Articles on the History of the National Cinema of the First Third of the 20th Century]
Rashit Iangirov
This collection comprises articles dedicated to such little explored topics as documentary shootings of Nikolay I and Lenin, religious topics on Russian TV, international contacts of the Russian cinema, the Jewish topic and the Russian audience, the destiny of the masters of the pre-revolutionary cinema in the Soviet cinema, the contacts of the cinema with the avant-garde and the emigrant conception of cinema etc. more...

Rasskazy o Baal'-Shem-Tove [Stories About Baal Shem Tov]
Shmuel Yosef Agnon
This collection of short stories about the deeds of Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism is published in Russian for the first time. Agnon assembled this collection in 1921, but the volume which was prepared for printing burned down together with the writer’s house. Subsequently he restored part of his notes, but they were only published many years after his death. more...

Shchenki : Proza 1930 - 50-kh godov
Pavel Zal'tsman
Oskar Rabin : Narisovannaia zhizn'
Arkadii Nedel'
Kinematograf v Peterburge, 1907 - 1917 : Kinoproizvodstvo i fil'mografija
Anna Kovalova
Friedrich Gorenstein
Ocherki istorii Ukrainy v Srednie veka i rannee Novoe vremia
Nataliia Yakovenko
Pesnia slov
Konstantin Vaginov
V tsentre okeana
Aleksandr Sokurov
Proza. Poehziia. Poehtika
Yurii Shcheglov
Mikhail Shvartsman : Master. Shkola. Ucheniki
Kireevskii : Kniga stikhotvorenii
Mariia Stepanova
Nabliudatel' : Ocherki istorii videniia
Mikhail Yampol'skii
Praviteli i zhertvy : Russkie v Sovetskom Soiuze
Geoffrey Hosking
Sobranie sochinenii. Tom 10, Pis'ma, 1913 - 1917
Maximilian Voloshin
Dolina Issy
Czeslaw Milosz
Mif Italii v russkom iskusstve pervoi poloviny XIX veka
Evgenii Yailenko
Moia dusha otkryta : V 2 tomakh
Lev Bakst
Polnoe sobranie romanov v odnom tome
Fyodor Sologub
Khazarskij mif
Victor Shnirel'man
Ot znacheniia k forme, ot formy k znacheniiu : Sbornik statei
Vljublennyj demiurg
Mikhail Vaiskopf
Moia zhizn', 1844 - 1886 : V 2 tomakh
Sof'ia Tolstaia
Sobranie sochinenii : V 3 tomakh
Isaak Babel'
Obraz Drugogo - strany Baltii i Sovetskii Soiuz pered Vtoroi mirovoi vojnoi
Aleksandr Terekhov
Drevnerusskaia estetika
Vladimir Bychkov
Vozdukh : Zhurnal poehzii. Vypusk 4 (2011)
Vissarion Belinskii: pro et contra
Noveishaia istoriia otechestvennogo kino, 1986 - 2000 : V 2 chastiakh : V 7 tomakh
Sobesedniki na piru
Tomas Venclova
Arkhiv evrejskoj istorii. Tom 7
Dmitrii Shostakovich : Issledovaniia i materialy. Vypusk 3
Bol'shoi akademicheskii slovar' russkogo iazyka. Tom 19, Porok - Press

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